Reliability and an eye for detail.

What matters to you, it matters to me, too!


Customer Support Representative

I have worked as a Customer Support Representative for 3 years, handling customer tickets both in Live chat and via e-mail.

What I learned then is that the first impression is everything. So, I made sure my first response time was always under a minute, which made the customers aware of how efficient my service is and that they will get my full attention at any point. A happy customer is a good customer, so what I have to offer them is my attention, patience, understanding, and individual approach to solving their problems or answering their questions. When customers realize that they do matter as individuals, that will make them more committed and loyal to you, and we all know that every business requires loyal customers to succeed.

Do you need someone capable to communicate directly with your customers, listen to their needs, suggestions, and complaints, and filter the useful information and deliver it to you so you can improve your business and make the overall experience of your customers and your team better?

Friendly, good communication skills, individual approach to solving problems, creative, calm, and patient with difficult customers with all kinds of personalities and attitudes. Capable of using logic and reasoning to evaluate the issue and find the best possible approach for the given situation. Flexible when it comes to working hours, committed to the job and good organizational skills, as well as time management.

I’m a fast learner, responsive, and committed. And if you need a responsible, hard-working person that will work efficiently and never leave the job unfinished, someone who is always ready to learn new skills, adjust and work in teams or individually, I’m the right person for that. I will make your life easier by being the first contact with your customers, resolving their problems, and delivering you the right information summarized in a way that will give you the best idea what are the burning points, what should be improved, what’s making your customers happy and advise you how to make your service even better.

Translation Services

My native language is Serbian, and I’m fluent in English, so I will be able to offer translations from English to Serbian and vice versa in written form.

What I can promise you, is that you will get the translation you need in the shortest amount of time possible and that I will always finish my tasks within the time frame we agree on.

I have been a freelance translator for years while I was at the university, and I have translated hundreds of articles, books, and scripts, mainly related to Economy and Tourism.

Virtual Assistant / Customer relations Manager

If you need someone who will communicate with your customers directly, listen to their needs, patiently deal with their requests and forward you valuable information gathered from the communication with them so you can improve your business, reach your goals while making your customers satisfied, I am the right person for that.

I can find the right balance between being time-efficient and committed in the communication with your customers and I am always focused on details. I have communicated with hundreds of users daily, from different cultures, social statuses, beliefs, and temperaments, and am capable of handling problematic situations.

My experience in the management field, accounting, customer support, and cryptocurrencies will certainly be helpful for anyone who requires a well-organized worker that can deliver accurate, relevant, timely, comparable, and high-quality information that can be valuable for admins and developers take your business up to a higher level.

If you are looking for a person that will make your life easier, to handle your emails, calendar, organize your team, thoroughly test your services and finding flaws before your customers do, analyze your data, create charts and trends, constantly do a comparative analysis with companies similar to yours, so you can advance and stay ahead by constantly offering something better - I would be happy to help!