Hi! My name is Irena. I’ve recently started my own business, and if you need someone, a “Jack of all trades”, I’m the right person to reach out to.


I finished high school as an excellent student, fell in love with the Economy, statistic data, numbers… Then I spent 4 years at the university and got my degree in Economics and Tourism management, and went for another year of studies, and got my Master’s degree in Economy as well. During the university days, I had a town scholarship and a scholarship from the Republic of Serbia. I also wanted to be independent and to support myself, so I started making jewelry and also doing a lot of translations, first for fun, and then it became my first “freelance” job.

Soon after, I started with the practical work as an accountant in a local factory. I learned a lot from people more experienced than me, improved my skills in Excel, learned how to handle data. Or, better said, how to make sense out of data and numbers that don’t make sense at all when they are just gathered and heald like that.

After 6 months, and a lot (and I mean A LOT) of working hours there, I decided to move on.

A few months later, I started working as a Customer Support Agent. First for one, and then for two big sites. It all started slow, but grew rapidly, and so did my knowledge about cryptocurrencies, market, demands, but also about understanding people, their needs, how to approach the best, and how to satisfy customers, even in difficult situations. I’ve worked there for 3 years, went from being a Customer Support Agent to being a VIP manager. That chapter also ended, but I consider that my biggest and most important experience when it comes to my personal growth and skills.

Now I can offer you a wide range of services: customer support, customer relations, data analysis, online research, translations, content creating, marketing strategy ideas and projects, community management, creative ideas, and much, much more.

If you think I can help you grow your business, reach out to me, let’s have a chat and see if we can create something really good together.